Lunch Break


Another photo with people?! This is disturbing, isn’t it?

But sometimes the Photography Gods smile down, and reward you with three people and two plants lined up in such a way that NOT making the shot would be unforgivable.

Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.2.2016

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  1. Love the spontaneous nature of this. 👍🏻❤️

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  2. Richard Owen

    Great shot. Wondering if they ever knew the trees were there. Glad you did.


  3. Love the composition!


  4. Love this image Melinda. Wonder if any of the three people pictured here ever acknowledged each other while they sat down for a break.


  5. Well, this shot is rare not only because of women)
    I liked more the perfect and clear blackness at the back. Together with the road and curb It makes several parallel lines. Also contrast of leaves of the trees on black background looks great. 😉


    • Thank you for your comments. The three women were, of course, what initially caught my eye, but what I ended up liking best was the way the light catches the leaves of those plants – I’m glad you noticed that!


  6. I think the water bottle is a really important element in this photograph, though exactly why would be hard for me to articulate.


    • Maybe, to quote Sam, it makes the photo “authentic”?

      Also – Sam himself commented on this on my One Day | One Image Facebook page, which was awesome. He said, “Thanks for these images, Melinda. I like the concept and very much like the results. I also like your comment, ‘I never even thought about cropping…’ Your seeing is fine–graphic power yes, but also humane and of our time. Very well done.”

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      • Authentic is a good word. Also, it makes a triangle with the woman and shrub and seat, as well as another with her legs and dress and the seat, which seems like a good thing in the middle of this shot.

        That is a great comment to have posted. I can’t see it on your FB page, though I can see the comment he is referring to. I guess he has very tight privacy settings.


      • It sort of made, well, my whole year, to have him post a comment. Too bad I’m the only one who can see it, though!

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      • That is a rotten shame, but now you have made it visible here, and I can tell you, it has made our weeks to know about it. Well done!

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