It’s outdoor furniture season


A couple of years ago, a windstorm with gusts around 100 mph (no kidding!) damaged some furniture we had out at our place in the country. We* tried to fix the broken pieces, but finally abandoned that plan. As a result we were shopping for new furniture. I, of course, was more interested in photography than chairs…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.9.2016

*When I say “we” I am taking a lot more credit than I earned.

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  1. Your description of how “we” tried to mend the furniture brought a chuckle.


  2. A bewildering choice of chairs.


    • I was overcome by the options. So I let my husband decide, only he picked ones that were tan and boring so I became un-overcome and got teal and red ones instead. I think that was his plan all along – for me to pick. (For a photographer who works almost entirely in b&w, I like to have a lot of color in my house and surroundings.)


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