The leaving


Someone was checking out; this is the kind of place where she could leave her clothes on the cart while she went back upstairs for the rest of her stuff.

Holland Hotel
Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.22.2016

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  1. Makes me want to stay there with my camera.


    • It’s a very nice lobby – it’s dark so it feels cooler than outside (a nice feature in the desert!) and there are a lot of different seating areas, historical photos, and a bar right there off the lobby! It would be easy to spend most of an afternoon there.


  2. Boy, there is an abundance of wax on that floor. Or did you play a hose on it just to get this shot? Either way, it works very well.


  3. How good it is to see an image like this. I love the boldness of the contrast and the shine on that floor.


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