The guard trees


The internet told me that Matheson, Colorado, has a population on 94. My eyes told me that number seemed sort of exaggerated.

I wouldn’t have been here at all, except that I decided (on a whim that turned into an Absolute Mission) that on our trip to Colorado, we would completely avoid driving on any Interstates. That made for some interesting routes, and included quite a few miles on unpaved roads.

One of those unpaved roads brought us here, to an abandoned church guarded by dead trees.

Matheson, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

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  1. Most atmospheric….


  2. I think you’re right.. there definitely doesn’t seem like 94 people there. Anytime I’ve been through it, the only people I’ve seen there are the other people in the other cars on the highway not stopping in Matheson.


  3. Love your sharing part of a wonderful drive. No interstate use ? That just might be unAmerican !


    • Thanks, Richard. It sort of took on the feeling of a journey, for several reasons (which you’ll see in upcoming days) (which is how I make sure you’ll come back to the blog).

      I don’t know if it’s un-American, but it’s certainly not normal. Except for me – it was completely normal for me.


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