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Kenton, Oklahoma, is the sort of town that you probably won’t just wander to: it’s way over in the far end of the Oklahoma panhandle, and if you’re coming into town from the west, from New Mexico, you’d better plan on driving on quite a few miles of unpaved roads.

But that’s the charm of it.

And if you’d like to live there, here’s a place that’s for sale.

Kenton, Oklahoma
photographed 9.5.2016

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  1. Oh, my…. You do find them!


  2. Thanks for finding places to love that many of us will never see.

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  3. Kenton is one of the smallest towns I’ve ever been though. Great Shot! #Boomer


  4. I love unpaved roads .. Mind you, we live on one, hence my car is dirty most of the year. Great image 😃


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