Mickey’s, in the rain


To summarize:

  1. It was raining.
  2. Mickey’s may sell guns.
  3. And either they are going to maybe sell knives.
  4. Or they are not.
  5. It could probably  go either way.

Boise City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.30.2016

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  1. Yikes, I’ll avoid that area, then, if I ever get to the US of A


  2. You just keep cranking them out ! No political statement here. All of us need to see there is a forgotten America. Always has been I suppose.


  3. Knives are being discontinued, the shop is 4/5ths boarded up. I’d say things are on the slide.


    • Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a business that goes from 4/5ths boarded up to 3/5ths or 2/5ths – that numerator always gets larger.

      And, yes, definitely on the slide. (There’s a town near here called Slide. It, too, is on the slide.)


  4. love the desolate feeling of this one! nice!!!


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