40 yard line IS the middle


Six-man football (or, in our local shorthand, just “six-man”) is a small town tradition for towns that are too little to field a regular football team. The fields are 80 yards long, anyone’s an eligible receiver, and the scores can be pretty high. (The night before my photographic visit, the Ropes Eagles lost to the Ira Bulldogs by a score of 54-8. Earlier in the month, they lost to the Nazareth Swifts by a score of 74-58.)

Ropesville, Texas
photographed 9.24.2016

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  1. I’m guessing that extra 20 yards is why the pros get paid like they do.

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    • Yes. I am sure that’s it. Or something similar.

      Jack Pardee, who played in the 1950s at Christoval High School in Texas, is a six-man player who played and coached in the NFL. Chicago Bear Ed Sprinkle, who played six-man football at Tuscola High School in 1939, is another former Texas high school six-man player who played in the NFL.

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  2. Six-Man ball are the true warriors. You cannot hide, when its just you and another 5!

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  3. Awesome! Been a lots of rectangles in the last few shots. Still a pretty big field for such a small squad.


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