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Some news

Well, it’s been a good week on the photography front. Here’s what’s happened.

First, I was notified that my image “Dusty Ghosts of Time” had been selected for the annual High and Dry show at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University. Amy Holmes George was the juror. The show will be up from November 22 through January 25.

(Matheson, Colorado)

And then, I found out that “Psycho Heart” was accepted into a show called Language as Art, at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, also here in Lubbock. Gary Sweeney was the juror; the show will be up from December 2 through January 28.
(Valentine, Texas)

And, the next thing was that juror Lance Reimig selected two of my images for the Dusk to Dawn show at PhotoPlace Gallery. My images are in the online gallery, and you can see the entire show here. The images that were selected were “Granada and a distant storm” and “Stars fell like rain.”
(Alpine, Texas)

(Marathon, Texas)

My most sincere thanks to all of you loyal followers of the blog – your interest and encouragement have been a valuable part of my growth as a photographer!

Eventually, it all starts to look the same


As it turned out, the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History had an exhibit on this cemetery, so naturally our first stop after the museum was…well, you know.

The cemetery’s split down the middle; the newer side held little interest as it was green and manicured and tidy. It was this side, the older side, that I liked. Right away I saw how the old tree trunk, the concrete curbs, the markers, even the dry ground were all taking on the same color and texture. Dirt to dirt, I guess.

Fairview Memorial Cemetery
Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 10.4.2016

A morning spent in contemplation


A solitary woman takes in the view and the morning sunlight.

Ruidoso, New Mexico
photographed 10.9.2016

Earlier, it had rained


That particular kind of thunder you hear in the mountains – louder and more rumbly than what I’m used to – woke me up. I drifted back to sleep as a light rain fell.

Later on, our little group went into town for breakfast. Outside the coffee shop, the furniture was still wet.

Ruidoso, New Mexico
photographed 10.9.2016

The bears were first


The bears got here first. And when development arrived, bear-proofed trash containers were introduced.

Ruidoso, New Mexico
photographed 10.9.2016

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