…and everything in its place


Actual conversation:

Patient Spouse: Oh, no! Don’t take a picture of that! It’s so messy!

Me: (no words)

in the shop
Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 10.21.2016

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  1. Chaos has its own beauty, for certain. Is this his workshop?


  2. Does he do house calls?


  3. Tidying things up or away never works for me. My wife does it for me when the mess gets too great – then I can’t find anything. I have a shed that I tidied last week – it stayed tidy for one day then it was in a mess again. Mess is the natural order of things.


    • Andy, I know exactly what you mean about your shed. I’m going through the same thing this week with my office at home. My house is on an artists studio tour on Saturday and Sunday and KEEP CLEANING my office and it just keeps getting messy again. I strongly suspect my cat is somehow involved. Or, maybe it’s just my inherent messiness….


  4. I could not get comfortable working in this space. That tidiness represents a dark cloud of obligation for us messy unwashed.


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