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One of my very favorite places is the small town of Alpine, Texas, in the part of the state that’s known as Far West Texas. There’s just something about the air, the sky, the food, the art, the people that makes me feel centered and calm.

I try to get out there at least once a year (it’s a four hour drive from home, a short trip by Texas standards), and when I go, of course I take my camera along.

My most recent trip was in July, and I entered some of the photos I made then in the Visit Alpine photo contest.

Late last week, I learned that two of those images had been selected as finalists in the contest; you can see the entire set of finalists here. (Also, my good friend Justin Burrus has a photo that was named as a semifinalist – the fantastic shot of a nighttime train.)

And here are my images, my tribute to a town that I love:

Granada and a Distant Storm
along Holland Avenue
photographed 7.25.2016

Mr. Nichols’s Steer
on the campus of Sul Ross State University
photographed 7.24.2016

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  1. Yea Melinda! Way to go (again!).


  2. Well deserved even if we might be biased.


  3. Congratulations! It is great to get such affirmation of your work, Melinda. Will check out the link to see pics from others.


  4. Justin’s image is superb! A of photo of a train yet with no train visible in it. Congratulations to him, also!


    • It is a great shot, isn’t it? I’ll let him know what you said.

      There’s a funny story about that picture – a year ago, it was in a show here in Lubbock. A visitor to the arts center indicated they wanted to purchase it, but said they didn’t want one as large as what was in the show. The curator put the person in touch with Justin, and who send along a price list for various sizes of prints. The person said, “Oh, no – I don’t want a print. I want the ORIGINAL.” Whaaaaattttt? (I told Justin to send the GPS coordinates and the train schedule and let the person try to get their own “original.”)


  5. Congratulations Melinda. (I have an autofill code for that phrase since I seem to be saying it quite a bit these days).

    I could have sworn that I saw a third image made by you (albeit in colour), and I searched your Alpine shots on your blog but could not find it. Perhaps it is not from Alpine, but just like “energy saver” from somewhere else?


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