Like a cell block


This image right here: this is why I don’t delete my images after a quick look when I upload them after a shoot. Nope – I keep everything except the ones that are completely over- or under-exposed.* Because you just never know…

This one was a victim of sloppy shooting. It was crooked and it needed a lot of work to correct the perspective. I tried fixing it a couple of times, but it never worked. Then, the other day, I felt like giving it another try. Why now? I know more about Photoshop than when I’d worked on it before and thought it was worth a little bit more attention.

Still it took a couple of tries to get what you see here, with horizontals and verticals lined up the way I wanted. After that, getting the rough and dark cell-block look I was after was easy.

Quanah, Texas
photographed 12.26.2014

*And yes, that does require a LOT of storage space….

Someone over on my One Day | One Image Facebook page asked what this shot looked like before I worked on it, so here you go:


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  1. Nice job straightening it up. That can be hard.
    I looked up Quanah in Wikipedia. Some interesting people from there: a billionaire, an astronaut, a mass murderer …


  2. Great job, Melinda…quite forbidding


  3. Nice pic. I work very hard (when I can) at getting the shot I want when I’m out in the field because I am not much good with Photoshop.


  4. The extra effort was well worth it. Excellent composition!


  5. I like it too. Of side interest is Quanah Parker was a Cherokee leader who fought for the CSA. Supposedly the last officer leading troops to surrender. History ain’t dull.


  6. Yeah, it was me who asked, thank you for uploading the original. Impressing levelling without ruining the upper window, and brava for seeing the potential of this image.


  7. Okay, so did it take more than 5 hours to do this? Because, you know, Quanah is only 2.5 hours away from your place, and ….

    Either way, this correction is very nicely done. And living in earthquake country, all I can think of when looking at the picture is I hope you don’t have even a small tremor because its going to fall down. Which would be an end to one terrific piece of rectangle heaven.


    • So you think it would have been a better use of my time to just drive back to Quanah and reshoot this one? I completely see your point, and realize that you’re right to have brought it up. Because not only could I have fixed my earlier sloppy shooting, I could have found EVEN MORE old crap to photograph – it would have been a day well spent!

      I’m not sure about the earthquake situation in Quanah – prior to fracking, I would have thought it safe from them. However….

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