In the early 1980s, I had lunch in this park on a regular basis. I was working for an architect in downtown Albuquerque and my husband’s job, with a different architect, was further up toward the Heights. This was approximately in the middle. We’d bring leftovers, and maybe get a couple of cookies from the bakery that was across the street. There was also a small, independent bookstore with a nice section of children’s books. We liked looking at the books; I was pregnant at the time and like all first-time parents, we were just determined to do everything the Right Way.

The bakery and the bookstore are gone now, having at some point been replaced by a big CVS pharmacy.

Bataan Memorial Park
Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 10.4.2016

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  1. My favorite little shopping center was Nob Hill. I’m sure you know the place, s.w. corner of Central and Carlisle. I like its architecture, plus there was a big record store and a little grocery.


    • Ah, yes! Nob Hill! My husband worked for an architectural firm that officed there, on the side street on the west side of the Nob Hill shopping center. I remember the record store and the grocery. The record store’s long gone, and I am pretty sure the grocery store is a co-op now. In recent times there was a great shop there that sold interesting housewares and jewelry, but it’s gone now. There are several restaurants in the shopping center, all of which seemed to be busy the last time I went by.


  2. And I for one am thrilled to know the parents who did everything The Right Way. 😀


  3. Glad that is still there for you.


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