Some illumination


I found this in a building that was under renovation. I have a hard time thinking the renovation could have improved on these colors and that light. (But don’t tell the architect, who is also my Patient Spouse.)

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.1.2014

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  1. Excellent light, love the colours!


  2. Will he ever learn ? Love the shot !


  3. I love this shot. The balance, lines, textures and choice of direction with the open doorway offering a route to the right and the fall of light offering one to the left with the hint of another opening just seen at the edge. Great composition.


  4. I love those pastel colours and that thin shaft of light, Melinda


  5. Its my favorite architect of all time, Luis Barragan, from Mexico, like me. Please help me upgrade my content like yours,
    Its about modern architecture. If you could re-blog it I will appreciate it. Thanks


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