from the river side

My dad was a civil engineer, with a specialty in wastewater treatment. I can recall quite a few times on vacations when we’d take a detour from the regular route in order to check on a new wastewater-treatment facility. It was interesting. (Ha! Ha! No it wasn’t. But you know what it was? Smelly, usually.)

Anyway, time goes on, as it does, and the detours-based-on-profession now involve architecture, which is nicer to look at (usually) and much less fragrant (always). And that’s why on our recent trip to Chicago we took a two-hour drive from the city to go look at this house. It’s famous. And so is the architect.

The house is adjacent to (and sometimes, depending on flood conditions, in) the Fox River; this is the river-facing side.

The Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois
photographed 6.26.2018

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  1. I prefer your diversions. Not being an expert this makes me want to be there. Guess it doesn’t come within one of my favorite which is the Prairie style. Love any history you share with us.


  2. A very nice rendering. I’ve always felt that this house was probably better to appreciate as a piece of art than a home. Nice to look, but I don’t think I would have liked to live in it.


    • Thanks, Steven. Dr. Farnsworth, as part of her lawsuit against the architect, said she found the house to be “unlivable.” However, her argument was weakened somewhat by the fact that she came out from Chicago almost every single weekend… (The lawsuit had to do, of course, with $$$. She lost, and had to pay up.)


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