bounced light: hotel room

The very nice front desk person at the hotel hooked me up with a balcony room, and I slept with the door open every night. One night, I had dozed off and when I woke up I saw this lovely scene. I made a photo then went back to sleep.

My sleeps were delightful from this room – with cool ocean breezes, the sound of the fountain in the courtyard, clanging of passing boats. The first night back home, though, my brain was like, “Uh…nope. None of us are gonna sleep tonight. At least not until we get an ocean breeze.” (There are shockingly few ocean breezes here in Lubbock, so my brain and I had a restless night. Stupid brain.)

San Diego, California
photographed 5.2.2022

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  1. Sounds very comforting sleeping in that room. Well, we definitely get the breezes here in Lubbock, but it usually comes with dirt. Ick! I have my sound machine fixed on ocean waves though. 🙂


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