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Ethanol, first

This is how it is: after 7.5 years of driving past the ethanol plant and never stopping, I went twice in three days.

I’ve been watching these dunes beside the plant for a few weeks now, and have been intrigued by the color variations in them so the other Sunday, the Patient Spouse* and I took a little drive. (Like Old People, really, on a Sunday afternoon drive to see stuff. Only we went the speed limit.)

Anyway, to get to the point, those dunes are made from millet, a grain that’s used ethanol production. (Here’s something boring to read.) (Here’s something entertaining to read.)

Hockley County, Texas
photographed 3.19.2017

*The other day, I referred to the Patient Spouse as my traveling companion (Yes! Not even capitalized!). He said it made him sound like a dog.

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