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One particular afternoon


A few days later, the season’s first snow would fall.

But on this afternoon, it rained. It was a cold rain, and lasted longer than the normal afternoon showers. After the rain, and some fog, the clouds started to break up. By then it was late afternoon, and a walk around town before dinner seemed like a fine idea. The tourist train had departed for the day, taking most of the town’s visitors with it. The cinders on the unpaved streets had a nice crunchy sound under our feet. The late sun was catching the slopes of yellow where the aspen leaves were turning. The scent of woodsmoke hung over a few houses. The wooden footbridges over the unfortunately-named Cement Creek were slick from rain.

And, over at the Masonic Lodge, the signs over the door were broken.

Silverton, Colorado
photographed 9.20.2009

January 28

An abandoned gas station along Lone Star Street

Silverton, Texas

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