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Good Information

In the spirit of providing exceptional information to the traveling public, I am happy to present this sign.

You’re welcome.

Raton, New Mexico
photographed 8.27.2017



I’ve made photos at this place before, a couple of years ago. Not much had changed on this stop; the place is still slowly falling down and I still found it charming.

But I take that back. Actually a couple of things had changed. The dog that barked all the time I was there on the first stop wasn’t around. And, my granddaughter Hannah, who’s 8, was working as my assistant, helping me spot things to shoot. She’s announced plans to take her photography “to the next level” and while I am not sure I know what that means, exactly, I am pretty proud of her. Another photographer in the family! Anyway, we checked out the pink toilet, which you can see here. It was pretty disgusting, but Hannah showed a pragmatic side when she said, “Well, if you have to go, I guess it’s not that bad.”

Seymour, Texas
photographed 11.29.2015

And there was a pink toilet


So, that old gas station I found in Seymour, Texas, isn’t completely monochromatic after all.

The restroom door was shut when I was exploring the place. And you probably would have laughed at the technique I used to open the door: I hit it, hard, with the heel of my hand, to pop the door open and scare away any critters who might be inside (although where I thought they’d go isn’t exactly clear to me.)

But that bit of unnecessary drama was worth it, when the door swung open to this amazing sight.

Seymour, Texas
photographed 12.25.2013



I suppose this sign indicates a building that is in need of repair?

Between when I shot this in April, and when I got it ready for the blog a couple of days ago, I’d forgotten if this place was in Ralls or Lorenzo. I used Google street view and “drove” down the highway until I spotted it. While that did save me some traveling, I realize that I also missed out on the chance to take more photographs….

Lorenzo, Texas
photographed 4.1.2013

January 28

An abandoned gas station along Lone Star Street

Silverton, Texas

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