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How to get noticed

The population of this town is about 1,600 people. When we got there, we didn’t see anyone driving along the main street. Or any of the non-main streets. But then, when we stopped so I could get photos of this lovely old gas station, approximately 125%* of the town’s population drove by, very slowly. No one stopped to ask me what I was up to, but the Patient Spouse noted that all of them stared at me as they crept passed.

Lockney, Texas
photographed 4.21.2020


Unleaded (with bonus bird)

The gas-pump soldiers stand ready. But it’s going to be a long wait since the place is out of business.

And, in the meantime, pigeons coo and swirl all around. And, in one case, get caught in the image.

Lockney, Texas
photographed 4.21.2020


Me, arriving in unfamiliar small town: I hope there’s something abandoned around here.

Also me, because I was traveling by myself: I’ll just turn right here…WAIT A MINUTE. An old gas station??!

Later, and still me: Well, that was worth getting off the main highway!

Anson, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

Good Information

In the spirit of providing exceptional information to the traveling public, I am happy to present this sign.

You’re welcome.

Raton, New Mexico
photographed 8.27.2017



I’ve made photos at this place before, a couple of years ago. Not much had changed on this stop; the place is still slowly falling down and I still found it charming.

But I take that back. Actually a couple of things had changed. The dog that barked all the time I was there on the first stop wasn’t around. And, my granddaughter Hannah, who’s 8, was working as my assistant, helping me spot things to shoot. She’s announced plans to take her photography “to the next level” and while I am not sure I know what that means, exactly, I am pretty proud of her. Another photographer in the family! Anyway, we checked out the pink toilet, which you can see here. It was pretty disgusting, but Hannah showed a pragmatic side when she said, “Well, if you have to go, I guess it’s not that bad.”

Seymour, Texas
photographed 11.29.2015

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