How to get noticed

The population of this town is about 1,600 people. When we got there, we didn’t see anyone driving along the main street. Or any of the non-main streets. But then, when we stopped so I could get photos of this lovely old gas station, approximately 125%* of the town’s population drove by, very slowly. No one stopped to ask me what I was up to, but the Patient Spouse noted that all of them stared at me as they crept passed.

Lockney, Texas
photographed 4.21.2020


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  1. That gas station was my first job when I was 14 years old. My dad worked there and so did my late grandfather. That picture reminds of so many memories and lessons. I can summaries that picture in two words, “work ethic”. Thank you for sharing those pictures online, I have been staring at it for about an hour now.


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