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Me, arriving in unfamiliar small town: I hope there’s something abandoned around here.

Also me, because I was traveling by myself: I’ll just turn right here…WAIT A MINUTE. An old gas station??!

Later, and still me: Well, that was worth getting off the main highway!

Anson, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

Forest Mirror

The mirror was lurking, trying to fade into the forest, but it just didn’t work.

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
photographed 9.25.2019

Hotel Room Study, #3

Oh come on, random mirror-installation person… the wallpaper had vertical lines that you could have used as a guide. But no, you had to go and do this.

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 10.30.2018

Self-portrait: a rare image


I am diligent about not posting photos of myself. This isn’t that kind of blog. Yet, somehow, there I am.

East Travis Street
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.19.2016

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