Monthly Archives: May 2012

May 26

Happy 75th birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

(My dad, who is 88, told me recently that his decision to become a civil engineer was, in large part, influenced by hearing stories about the construction of this bridge.)

Golden Gate Bridge, photographed from Golden Gate National Recreation Area
near San Francisco, California

photographed 3.23.2009

May 25

The Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, near Prytania Street and Washington Avenue.

New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.10.2010

May 24

On the other side of the Trinity River from downtown, you can find the Alamo Plaza Court.

Dallas, Texas

photographed 10.18.2008

May 23

The east side of the courthouse square.

Boise City, Oklahoma

photographed 10.24.2009

May 22

A cactus flower, just before blooming.

eastern Lubbock County, Texas

photographed 5.13.2012

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