October 30

Floydada: 3 of 4

Floydada, Texas

photographed 3.9.2012

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  1. A recent rain leaves
    puddles and pitfalls for cars
    if they dare go there.


  2. I like the way the foreground is rather like a negative of the sky.


    • See, this is why I like getting comments – I hadn’t even noticed that until you pointed it out. (Now, of course, it’s blindingly obvious!)


      • Ha! Not sure you are supposed to admit that…. 🙂


      • You are practically the only person who ever comments, so I don’t think knowledge of my admission will go much further than the two of us!


      • And that I find very strange. Your images should be exciting all kinds of comment, they are uniformly high quality and interesting. I find these parts of WP and blogging quite strange.

        My comments have declined a lot in the past few months, and I have heard this is the case for (some?) other bloggers too so I am not sure it is my subject matter or quality or interest value. Maybe there are just seasonal fluctuations.


      • I am getting steady progress in views and comments, so I really don’t have any complaints. This is the 4th year I’ve done a photo-a-day blog, and this year has been very good compared to the other three. And I finally got smart enough to not do a new blog every year; this one is set up to last as long as I manage to keep doing it. That way my loyal follower(s) don’t have to go to a different site to find me.

        Thanks for your kind comments re. my work – I’ve become a better photographer over these past few years. I guess constant practice will do that – a concept that my mother tried to get me to figure out when I took piano lessons!

        Who knows how/why/when people comment! It seems like your blog, with its diverse subjects, would pull in a lot of different viewers/commenters.

        I didn’t set out to do this to get accolades. It was just a challenge that I gave myself. But it IS nice when people take time to to comment, and it’s very nice to make a few friends along the way!


      • I agree about it being nice to get comments, though that was not what I was seeking either when I started blogging. It was a way to motivate me to keep on taking pictures and to develop as a photographer. I have made a number of friends along the way, one of whom I occasionally get together with as we live only a couple of hours apart. Someone I would never have met otherwise – this for me is the biggest surprise.


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