December 29


Sure, it’s not as beautiful as this see-through building, which was photographed by my pal Brett Erickson, but it is still an example of that particular architectural genre.

along County Road 123
Bailey County, Texas

photographed 9.9.11

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  1. I love the single-point perspective! Hard to do without consciously considering it, unless you’re an architectural photographer…but I can’t think where you’d get that architectural influence…



  2. Is this wind-assisted see-through do you think, or an original feature to assist the wind in cooling the building (do you have cooling winds in TX or do they just make it seem hotter?).


    • Actually, this is a destruction assisted see-through: the back side of the house had caved in. This particular place was made from adobe, and didn’t have any windows on either side; I assume there was at least a door at the back, and maybe a window, but I couldn’t tell.

      But, yes, we do have cooling winds here. And sometimes the old folks (like me) will shock the neighbors by OPENING THE WINDOWS for fresh air.


  3. An old design trick
    to make a place look bigger
    by seeing the sky.


  4. This is without any doubt a very awesome photograph! I love how the pass-thru opening draws you right into the frame. Terrific work!


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