December 30


A building, a motorcycle. And not too much else.

Reeves County, Texas

photographed 11.11.11

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  1. Someone peeked outside
    to see who came to visit
    and left curtain up.


  2. Not much else? There is corrugated iron. That is more than enough else to fill any voids.
    And what is that angled rod thing, with a wire coming from it? A rickety aerial of some kind?


    • OK – I spoke (wrote) in haste. There are some things going on. Laurie noted the curtains in her haiku, and you pointed out the corrugated metal….

      I think that angled rod thing is the water line to the swamp cooler. In the event that swamp coolers aren’t used in Canada, here’s an explanation:

      (We had a swamp cooler when I was a kid. I still remember what it smelled like when it came on – like the first drops of rain hitting a dusty sidewalk.)


      • That is kind of cool! I was recently working on an old (for around here) dairy building that had a brick floor which was kept wet for cooling, as well as other natural evaporation devices for the same purpose.
        I am all in favour of anything that can replicate that smell of rain on a hot dusty ground.
        Cooling seems to be one of the themes in your recent photographs what with yesterdays cooling winds and today swamp cooling. Where will this lead us to? Maybe you have a shot of an old ice house in your archive.


      • I don’t think I have any icehouses in the archive.

        I don’t like cold weather, so it might make more sense if I were posting photos of hot things to counteract the cold weather. But I don’t usually do things the “normal” way, as you may have figured out by now!


      • Normal? Well, not normal feels pretty comfortable to me, a bit like home 🙂


      • “Not normal” is the new “normal”?


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