That first step…


Seriously. Be very careful.

Austin, Texas
photographed 5.11.2013

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  1. Is this to discourage people from going in or going out. I love the textures in the brick and door, though.


  2. That’s one giant step!

    Seriously, Love the texture and detail in this photo.


  3. Very disconcerting black frame around the doors. Makes it seem like a hole in the wall with doors in the distance.
    I also like the old bricked-in opening and the attempts to disguise it when they filled in the hole, even trying to replicate the texture.


    • That opening is pretty cobbled together – the soldier course (the vertically-placed bricks) doesn’t match the opening OR the doors, which makes me think that there are at least three generations of openings going on here. And then there’s the weird way the brick opening flares out half-way down.


  4. This is an amazing building. Yes, cobbled together is a good description! It’s rather delicate in way. Beautiful!


  5. Very strange and rather wonderful.


  6. My first thought: did they make too big a hole in the wall for the doors, or make the doors the wrong size for the aperture? Whatever the case – it’s a real fun shot, Melinda


    • I am pretty sure this place started out as a warehouse, and the doors fit the opening; I can’t explain why the brick is notched out the way it is, though. The area where I shot this is being transformed into restaurants and nightclubs, so I surmise I caught this building in I’d-transformation.

      Glad you like it; it’s been surprisingly popular.


  7. I just love your work Melinda, insightful, poignant and it always leaves me pondering a larger issue. This is a great example of this, my friend, what a terrific image!


  8. gravity is not always your friend


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