What I didn’t photograph that day


This was my first visit to Valentine. This is what happened:

I was in Marfa. I thought about going to look at the cemetery. And headed out that way. Then saw a mileage sign that said Valentine was 35 miles away. I ditched the idea of a cemetery visit and headed over to Valentine.

Not too much going on in Valentine, other than the famous (?) Prada Marfa scuplture (or, installation, if you will), which to be honest I didn’t look for because I was a lot more interested in the way the storm looked over the HiWay Cafe. Also, the sculpture/installation has had its picture taken a lot, and I wanted to try to make things right with the Cafe.

And, I am a little bit of a contrarian: if “everyone” takes a picture of something, you can be pretty sure I’ll aim my camera elsewhere. (Sorry. None of you really needed me to point THAT, did you!?)

Valentine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. A nicely weathered building. I like the chair out the front.


  2. The clouds give this a striking background on the simple design. The white building show up very well. Looks like a slow day at the HiWay, or is the parking in the back?


  3. Ha! I followed the link to that “installation”. If the idea was to let it decay, then why be upset by the graffit etc.


  4. And nice abandoned chair. 🙂


  5. absolutely brilliant


  6. Why is it that so often, clicking on your pictures is such a delight? Uncluttered pictures, loaded with details. Like the coca cola signs. And the chair.


  7. I can’t stand the Prada crap. It has no place in west Texas, but that’s just me. That’s just being arty for the sake of being arty – it has no soul, no feeling, no connection to its environment. It’s fake.

    But this building, however…. perfect!


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