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Constant flow of visitors

This place has been photographed approximately infinity number of times*, and there’s nothing I feel I can add by taking/posting photos of the front of it.

But I did go around back (which you already know) and got a few shots of visitors. You’d have to work hard to find a spot that’s more remote that this, but there was still a steady flow of visitors. Most of them stayed in front, though, which I was happy about.

Prada Marfa
Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

*Go ahead. Google “Prada Marfa images.” I’ll wait.

Like looking through glass

I think I owe you an apology; the other day I posted a link to a song that wasn’t even by Bruce Cockburn. That must have been very confusing, as it went against everything that you expect from us here at One Day | One Image, musically.

So here’s Bruce.

And that funny-looking instrument he’s playing? It’s a charango.

Valentine Community Church
Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.11.2015


July 2016:

August 2013:

From the looks of things, it took that chair three years to move four feet to the left.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

5 towers


I made a return visit to this little trailer, which (if you’ve been around here long enough) you may recall from 2013.

Go on over and look at that other photo; I’ll wait.

So, see how it doesn’t look like anything’s changed? My theory is that the hot, dry air has mummified it.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

Psycho Heart


The whole reason I went to Prada Marfa was to see what the back of it looked like; I was distracted by this fine scene at first.

Then I saw this fence and graffiti.

And I sort of never did get the back-of-the-place shot that I intended. Some days are just like that.

behind Prada Marfa
Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

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