This door? I wanted to take it home.


I love this door. I really do. I like the curled-up ends of the decorative metal rods on the bottom half of the screen door.  And the way the Xs where the rods cross are a slightly different color.  And the way the diamond-shaped grid at the top contrasts with the square grid at the bottom.  And the pieced-together look of the weathered wood frame.  And the dark hinges.

This is the third shot of an unintentional chain of photographs.  There’s yesterday’s storm picture.  And, this picture has the same storm overhead, and this door on the left.  I’d claim I did all of this on purpose, but I suspect you wouldn’t believe me.

Also, if you drive by my house and the front door looks vaguely familiar, it’ll be just a coincidence.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. Part of the charm of this door is the post with what appears to be a Christmas garland around it. If you get the door you must get the post too! Coca Cola signs are optional but a nice touch.


    • That Christmas garland really does add a festive touch, doesn’t it? When I see things like random Christmas garland (especially in August, when I shot this), I sort of wonder about the thought process that went into the decision to stick a bit of garland on one side of a door….


  2. I am guessing that the owners are not there and thus this place is closed, as the sign says. Looks like they closed up just after christmas, possibly many years ago.
    It really is a nice door, and garland. Is that a modern hitching post for cars in the foreground?


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