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Four windows


They started out the same, these four windows.  The same size, and age, and all that.   But look at them now, all weathering in a different way.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of symmetry: it was asymmetry of this that caught my eye.  I like it, and I like the way it seems to defy the original, symmetrical window installation.

Tahoka, Texas
photographed 10.6.2013

The dregs of dreams, 3


Weathered wooden cross stuck in hard ground, sad offerings beneath them.

Most of the graves are unmarked. Many of the dead buried here were victims of accidents in the nearby mercury mines, which were active in the early 1900s. Others were victims of the 1918-1919 flu epidemic.

Many of the graves have offerings – a vase, a candle, a flag, a letter, a handful of coins – which only amplify the mysteries.

Terlingua, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

The dregs of dreams, 2


More dregs, more dreams.

The walls of this structure are slowly returning to the hard earth from which they came. Literally:  the walls are made from adobe, an ancient building method that’s still in use.  It’s sustainable – the ingredients are clay, sand, dirt, water, and some sort of organic material (straw, usually.)  It doesn’t require any specialized tools. Adobe walls are load-bearing a,nd have good thermal properties. With the proper covering (plaster, or whitewash) adobe walls can last a long time.

Adobe won’t last once that outer covering is gone, and melts away.

In a desert that takes a while, but it still happens.

Terlingua, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

High and Dry show at Texas Tech University


I am honored announce that this photo has been selected in the annual High and Dry show at Texas Tech University.

This year’s juror was David Michael Kennedy. Go have a look at his website – every single image is wonderful.

The show’s opening reception will be on Friday evening, December 6, at the International Cultural Center. Stop by, if you’re in the neighborhood. And if you’re not in the neighborhood, there’s plenty of time to plan a trip….

Tahoka, Texas
photographed 6.16.2010

The dregs of dreams, 1


The road from Alpine to Terlingua goes through mountains, past a border patrol checkpoint, and across a wide plain. And then, just as the mountains of Big Bend National Park loom off to the left, there are a few scattered and abandoned buildings: evaporated dreams.

But the dregs of these dreams are stunningly beautiful.

along Highway 118
Brewster County, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

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