Items of interest


Meanwhile, a few things at this abandoned gas station caught my attention.

* Those squarish shapes inside the scars of circles on the wall.
* The restrooms are off to the left, somewhere.
* God is love, according to the letters stuck on the plate glass window.
* Don’t those drapes seem a little formal for a gas station?
* That plant? There in the window on the left? It’s growing on the inside of the building, clinging to the drape. Sort of makes me worried about what the inside of the place looks like.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. Those “things” on either side of the windows look molded right into the stucco. I’m guess that this was a very modern and nice looking facade when it was new, not that it isn’t nice looking now but, let’s face it, it has seen better days. I’ll make another guess and say it was never as photogenic as it is now.


  2. Do you mind if I use “it was never as photogenic as it is now” as a title for a blog post one of these days? (I’ll give you credit for it.) I love that phrase, and it perfectly sums up my feelings about these old places I like to photograph.


    • You can use that line with no credit to me at all. My meaning is that when you take a photo, it becomes a historical document and has a special significance. It’s something learned at the George Eastman House when I worked there.


  3. I imagine things look (and smell) worse once you are inside. And this is also the photogenic side. An image can ask so many questions, as this one does, and we will never know all the answers.


  4. I like all those same things, and the rectangle above the no smoking sign, and the reflections which you often don’t have. And that you are carefully not reflected!


  5. Your work continues to delight and amaze me Melinda! This is a shot full of great tension, full of unanswered questions. You’ve done a wonderful job capturing this piece and discussing some of the great little nuances it holds!


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