Not too much left in Throckmorton, and it looks as though it’s sliding toward oblivion. The population decreased nearly 9% from 2000 to 2010.  Even more telling: in 2010, there were 466 housing units in town and 116 of them were vacant.

I found this near the intersection of Texas Street (which isn’t paved) and North Matthews Street (which is).

This isn’t the first time this particular structure’s made an appearance on the blog: you can see it here or here or here.

Throckmorton, Texas
photographed 3.25.2012

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  1. It doesn’t sound like the economy is thriving in Throckmorton but it looks rich in photo ops.


    • It is rich in photo ops, that’s true. But there are some worrisome things going on that are greater, even, than photography when you start to think about the implications of declining populations in this part of the state. It is something I think about nearly every day, because of my real job with a community action agency that provides services in many isolated communities.


  2. It sounds like a very unhealthy situation for Throckmorton and all the places like it. Hard to explain too – there must still be abundant opportunity in these areas, even if not the old ones. Good for photographers though, while the decay lasts.


    • Some little towns near cities that are growing fast – like places near Austin – have the opposite problem, with urban sprawl taking over. I like this better, from a photographic standpoint, though it is sad to see a way of like fading away.


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