Fill in the blank


Let’s just go ahead and add this to the short series of unhelpful signs that I had a while back – here and here.

Tilford Avenue
Ralls, Texas
photographed 4.22.2010

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  1. A building held up by crutches! Cool.


  2. If you have a keyword “COOL” you should label this photo with it.


  3. The very first thing I thought of before I even read the post was, support.
    I love this image because it really could have so many wonderful interpretations.


  4. This is so good on so many levels as alluded to be other commentators. Almost symmetrical but the no-sign sign provides the natural full stop as well as breaking the symmetry. I love the idea of the uprights being crutches. Great processing, Melinda – really gives this ‘bite’.


  5. I really like this one too, and I can see that such liking might grow with more study. I also like the variety of textures, the bricks and plywood. And those crazy, I mean cool, circles.


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