The sculpture, known as the Umlauf Angel, keeps watch over the front section of the City of Lubbock Cemetery. The Angel, by internationally known sculptor Charles Umlauf, was commissioned by the City in 1958.

By 1994, things were looking bad, as she had developed cracks due to weathering. Restoration in 1995 and 1996 was successful. Sort of: only a few days after the restored sculpture was complete vandals (two high school boys, later arrested) chipped away at the wing tips, causing $1,200 in damages.

She’s fine these days, casting her gaze skyward amidst the gravestones.

The City of Lubbock Cemetery
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.3.2009

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  1. It’s a beautiful statue and I love the photo. What kind of Texas justice was laid out for the vandals?


    • Thanks. I am very fond of the statue, which is close to my mom’s grave. (It is also close to Buddy Holly’s grave.)

      All I could find was that the vandals were arrested and “were convicted.” No word on restitution or jail time or anything.

      I did see this quote, by the local newspaper’s arts/entertainment editor, William Kerns, who ended his article on the vandalism this way: Why take a hammer to an angel, a symbol of God’s guardianship in a place as sacred as a cemetery? Why indeed.


  2. This is a beautiful photograph of an incredible sculpture. The asymetrical composition is just perfect. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. That statue has such graceful elegance and flowing lines. And nothing to distract beyond it. Beautifully captured, Melinda


  4. Beautiful, so serene and perfect light! Happy holiday, Ron


  5. This photo really does do justice to the statue – very nicely captured. You mother (and Buddy Holly) are lucky to lie near such art. May it last.


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