Everything changes.


The weather forecast said it would be in the low 70s, so it was only because I was lazy that I even had a coat with me – it had been left in my car from the previous bit of cold weather. I had some activities for work about an hour’s drive from Lubbock, and I took my camera (of course!), planning to take advantage of the promised nice weather. The work activities – a couple of ribbon-cuttings – were held outdoors and the weather got steadily colder as the day progressed. By the time I left, the temperature was in the high 40s.

When I stopped to take this picture, the thermometer on my car said it was 45 degrees. When I got to the next town, only nine miles away, it was 54 degrees. And when I got back to Lubbock, 30 miles from where I took the picture, it was, as promised, in the low 70s.

Everything changes. Even the weather.

Lately – as perhaps you’ve noticed – I’ve been in a musical mood. Here’s a Bruce Cockburn song:

Make me a bed of fond memories
Make me to lie down with a smile
Everything that rises afterward falls
But all that dies has first to live.

As longing becomes love
As night turns to day
Everything changes
Joy will find a way

Bruce Cockburn – Joy will Find a Way (A Song About Dying)

Ralls Cemetery
Ralls, Texas
photographed 1.31.2014

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  1. Beautiful image Melinda.. Love the feeling of movement you captured in this photograph and it really draws you in.


  2. This is one of those special images to keep in mind for competition. It’s definitely a winner.


  3. Love the clouds in this one!


  4. How long was the exposure on this one? It came out well.


  5. This is one of those special photos you should keyword for future competition. This is extremely nice.


  6. This one’s a real beauty, Melinda. That sky!


  7. home run here with the composition, editing and the weather!


  8. Like everyone else here, I really like this one and agree that it’s competition worthy. Oh, that sky, and the crispness of the church. And the bleakness of the landscape.


  9. Absolutely terrific Melinda, top drawer my friend! I have no doubt this is a strong image for the show, best of luck with that!


    • Thanks, Toad. You know how sometimes you just KNOW the shot worked the way you imagined? This was one of those times. I was watching the clouds while I was driving to the cemetery, hoping they’d hold until I got there. They did, but within just a few minutes after
      I was done, the sky was clear. I think the photo was just meant to be!


  10. Fabulous image! Glad to see you in the Monochrome Madness challenge!


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