That’s quite a bit of red


If you peek in the window of this now-defunct restaurant, this is what you will see. There’s quite a bit of red trim, and a chair. A chair! And, note that this particular chair is not just sitting around; rather, it is hard at work making sure that door stays open.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.14.2013

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  1. That’s a ton of red for one of your shots! I have never seen this place??? It looks to me as if the chair is plotting its escape. I mean, it’s already got the door open. Bet it’s not there next time you go there!


    • I am pretty sure this chair held the door open for all the OTHER chairs. And now it’s gone, too, off to wherever it is that chairs go when they are on the lam.

      (This is the old restaurant across the street from the place we stayed in Santa Rosa – the one with the huge sign that says CHINESE RESTAURANT.)


  2. A chair. Need I say any more…

    Actually, being an old restaurant, were there any faint lingering smells? Perhaps of some fruit?


    • I knew you were disappointed by the lack of chairs in the post a couple of days ago, so I was trying to make it right…

      Now that you mention it, I do recall a faint fruit-like smell. Like last week’s tangerine.


  3. So glad you gave in to color on this one. It’s lovely.


  4. great capture of sweet space!


  5. Do you have a big rubbery lens hood for peering through windows and getting rid of the reflections (by pushing it against the glass)? Usually there is no sign that you weren’t actually in the building. That red is irresistible. I wonder if the food was any good.


    • Don’t tell anyone, but this is what I do. I shoot with a UV filter so I don’t have to worry about scratching the lens. And I push it tight against the glass for the shot. I can get relatively long exposures this way, too, which lets me get some interesting shots inside some dark rooms.

      And, I don’t think the food was very good, but that’s probably my own preferences showing….


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