This place, again


If it seems like you’ve seen this place before, you might be remembering this, or this, or even this.

Can you tell I’m fond of it?

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

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  1. It reminds me of abandoned businesses along the 15 freeway between Las Vegas and the Los Angeles area. Middle of nowhere places long abandoned to the critters.


    • Route 66 went through the middle of Santa Rosa, when the Interstate bypassed the town, several miles of gas stations and restaurants were abandoned. For the most part, they’re still there, but the last time I was in town, some of them had substandard building notices posted, marking them for demolition. Things move slowly in Santa Rosa (from what I’ve observed) so I hope it’s a while before all the places are torn down.


  2. I’m guilty of that myself so still like the place as well.


  3. Maybe this was not desolate enough and the owners migrated back to the Gobi Desert … ?


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