East Side 13


Well, there were a lot of things to like in THIS place. That mysterious East Side 13 message on the door, the big wooden spools stored inside, the way that board is cut on each end to have the proper angle, the promise of escape way in the back.

The dogs across the street weren’t too happy that I stopped and looked around, but here’s the deal: they were inside a fenced yard and I wasn’t.  We agreed to disagree about my being there, and eventually I left.

Spur’s not a big place – 1200 people, 1.6 square miles. I like it. You’ve seen it before, here on the blog (My favorite building and For safekeeping).

The folks I know in Spur are mighty friendly, so if you’re in the area, stop in and say hello.

Spur, Texas
photographed 3.26.2014

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  1. Everywhere I went in Texas was friendly.I came this close (holding my thumb and index finger an inch apart) to moving down there. I even met some friendly dogs, too. Probably not the ones you encountered, though.


    • Yep, we’re plenty friendly around here.

      I’m a cat person, so am probably not sufficiently open minded to judge the relative friendliness of dogs. My cat, Balboa, assures me that all dogs are unfriendly; she’s usually pretty objective.


  2. Nice photo, but did you go inside? 🙂


  3. A whole pile of circles – my goodness. What is this blog coming to?
    It looks a bit like a chair silhouetted way in the back, so maybe things are not too dire after all.


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