Go There


This is what happened one afternoon when I was in Atlanta. I was waiting on my traveling companion to return from his outing* so we could go to dinner so I decided to try my hand at in-camera double exposures.

Atlanta, Georgia
photographed 4.28.2014

*I’d been at a conference all day and was suffering from carryover ennui. I should have been outside. Or in the bar.

I’m off in New Mexico this week, taking a photography class. (Finally! I’m going to learn how to take a picture!) Please leave comments, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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  1. Good luck and have fun. I hope you will share what you learn, I know I wish I had the time to take a class,For me and I might think for you ignorance has its’ own pleasures


  2. Have a great time on the course. I like this double exposure, full of energy. I wish my Canon would take them.


    • Thanks, Ehpem. Most of what I shoot doesn’t lend itself to double exposures, but this view did – the double exposure helped convey (I think) how closed-in I felt when I was in Atlanta.

      The course was hard, but in a good way.


  3. vera ersilia

    AS OVERCROWDED-OVERBUILT CITIES ARE – ooopss wrong size font… – this photo does not even really look double exposed. In fact it neatly suggest the frantic pace of today’s U.S. cities. So, I would say: don’t ‘go there’.
    Myself, I’ll be waiting for photos from New Mexico.


    • Vera – Can you tell that I’m not as big a fan of Atlanta as I am of a lot of other places I’ve traveled?! The New Mexico photos will start to post on July 8 – hope you like them!


      • vera ersilia

        Melinda I am looking forward to them. I remember New Mexico as place of light, brilliant skies, distant vistas, and blue-violet colors. Also Georgia O’Keefe. I cannot imagine it in black and white ! you will add a new dimension to my memories.


      • As you will see in my comments at the end of the series of posts from the Workshop, I became introspective while I was there. I didn’t take many broad landscapes at all. However, many of my classmates got some gorgeous photos of the land, including near Abiquiu, where Georgia O’Keeffe lived.


  4. I like the chaos implicit in this double exposure – it hints that chaos so often found in the real world when unlikely buildings rub shoulders with each other.


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