The church is closed on Friday


I know because I tried the door. I always try.

Knobbs Springs Baptist Church
Knobbs Springs, Texas
photographed 2.28.2014

(I am away for a few days and may not be able to respond quickly to your comments. Please leave them though, and I will get to them as I can.)

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  1. What confession? it looks as austere as some of them are ….


  2. Steel door! Someone must have kicked in the original; in their haste to pray forgiveness for kicking in the door?
    I see the original windows are boarded up too. Something tells me this isn’t a happy place.


    • The idea of kicking in the door to pray for forgiveness for kicking in the door is making me dizzy. (So dizzy, in fact, that it took me three tries to type “dizzy” correctly).

      The place may not have been happy, but the photographer surely was!


  3. Never walk past a church without trying the door – you never know what you might find within.


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