Wideness of being


This is my first attempt at a panorama, and was taken from the edge of Yellowhouse Canyon in Lubbock County, Texas.

Yes! In spite of all my talk about how flat it is around here, we’ve got this gem hiding in plain sight. This is (in my opinion) the very best view in the county. We are lucky enough to own some land out here; in theory this view will some day be my every-day view. In practice? Uh…we are still in the planning stages. Normal people would have bought the land a decade ago and been living out here already for nine years. Here’s the thing: my husband’s an architect, and I have a degree in architecture, making us the worst clients ever. We make design decisions, then endlessly second-guess them. We want a big house! Or a little one! Stucco! Or that cool steel that’s made to rust on purpose! It should definitely have a courtyard! Unless a courtyard’s a dumb idea! Something on the house should be yellow, as an homage to the location! But that’s SO predictable! And so on.

On the practical side: it’ll make my drive to work 60 miles, one way. It’s nearly three miles off the pavement. There’s a very steep hill that’s impassable when it snows. It’s a long way to the grocery store.

But this view. This wide and beautiful view…

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.29.2015

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  1. You know the Nike slogan – Just Do It!
    Excellent pano, btw.


  2. Modular could be the answer. Something smaller for now; more recreational. A weekend place. With a clear idea of how to enlarge to a year round place later when you can! Missing this view aeems wrong.

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  3. I agree with ehpem, put something small, weekend-ish out there. That way, you can study the land and weather and made better decisions about what you want and how to work with the landscape. And with something small, you can add on to it, tear it down completely or use it as a guest house when you build a bigger one.


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