Most of the bases were covered


The operator of this business was clear about a few things. Cash only for parts and labor. And he was not responsible for fire or theft. I don’t know that he had a plan for what he’d do if the walls fell down.

Roaring Springs, Texas
photographed 7.3.2015

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  1. You can bet there was an out-clause in event of building collapse. After all, no responsibility was taken for anything – no trace of business done, no receipts issued (in all likelihood), no cancelled cheques or credit card statements to encounter in court (in lieu of receipts), no liability for fire or theft (both of which are pretty easy to arrange if necessary or if, for instance, a special vehicle happens to have landed in your lap for cash only repairs). Really, who would do business here, except people with worthless run down and otherwise worn out merchandise in desperate need of a just a bit of a fix, not to make it safe, but just to keep it going.

    So, as usual, you have found a story in a ruin, and brought it to our attention.


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