When you need a train


As hard as it is to imagine when you see the town today, there used to be a rail line through Roaring Springs. It operated until 1981, and now the tracks are gone.

But the depot is still there. And so is this train signal. And it all reminded me of this fine Amanda Shires song “When You Need a Train it Never Comes”.

Roaring Springs, Texas
photographed 7.3.2015

Want some more Amanda Shires? She does a killer version of the Springsteen classic “Born in the USA” with her husband, Jason Isbell.

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  1. Great image, it almost looks like a key for a toy clockwork train. Have seen Amanda Shires with Rod Picott, absolutely brilliant.


    • I saw Amanda and Rod a few years ago; it was a great show. And I saw her quite a few times with her previous band, Thriftstore Cowboys. On an odd, related note, I crossed paths with one of her Thriftstore bandmates, Colt Miller, a couple of weeks ago. He and his partner have a custom boot shop (http://cobrarock.com/) in Marfa, Texas.

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      • I tried to watch the When You Need a Train video but the editing is so outrageously bad that I had to turn it off (I could have closed my eyes, but by then I had lost interest…). The Born In USA cover is very nicely done.

        The photo is excellent. What a surreal thing to find in the middle of nowhere. A couple of weeks ago I came across an AD1940s truck in dense bush in Haida Gwaii at a spot probably 40km from the end of the nearest road. It was a cannery “town” with a post office at one time, though no roads except from the dock to the cannery, maybe 200m total. Nothing else remains except some parts of a breakwater, if you know what you are looking for. Oh, and remains of a 10,700 year old habitation site that was much less unexpected than the truck.


      • Try this video instead (it’s the “official” one, and I don’t know why it didn’t show up the other day): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N53rN5J24Tg

        Your Haida Gwaii find sounds amazing, and I wish I’d been there to see it, too.


      • Now that is much better. Sounds better as well as looking good.
        Check your email for truck photos. Don’t have permission to publish them, yet.

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      • Oh, and I forgot to mention that I think the “Born in the USA” cover was the way Springsteen heard it when he wrote it, instead of the rock anthem-y version that’s more popular.


      • It is a very good version – the rock anthem-y one only has so much resonance for me, when I am in the mood.

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  2. Near me in Briceville TN. the area was coal country. Near the old Welsh built church is a RR track. Since the tracks aren’t used for many years the road is paved over that section of track. Looks real odd just like your sign. Keep shooting!


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