One lightbulb and one star


I was never lucky enough to get to see this sign when it had all its parts and when the Stardust Motel was operational. But I guess that’s OK, since I am sort of fond of the parts that are still there.

near Marfa, Texas
photographed 7.11.2015

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  1. I think the abandoned does it far more for me, than the original would have done!!


  2. That is one cool shot.


  3. This is very cool. Something tells me it could work pretty well in colour too, it feels like colour is straining to leak out from behind the greys in this shot.

    It is a bit surprising that there is even one bulb to have escaped the rock flinging (or gun toting) youth of Marfa. Its a bit hard to see, so maybe that explains it.


  4. Yes, still quite nice…


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