Little Gay Lawson


“I’ll just lie down flat on the ground to get this shot. I won’t get any bug bites or anything, since I won’t be here long.”
-my internal dialog, immediately prior to making this image of Little Gay Lawson’s headstone.

“Holy crap! Look at that spider.”
-my internal dialog when I first looked at this image on my computer and saw that spider on the left side of the headstone’s base.

Afton Cemetery
Afton, Texas
photographed 7.3.2015

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  1. I trust we’ll see a macro shot of the spider in an upcoming post. Unless he was moving really fast.


  2. Here you always have to worry about deer ticks as well because Lyme is so rampant. Always be careful!


    • Deer ticks aren’t a problem in this part of Texas; however, I just got back from a couple of weeks in Nova Scotia, and I was mindful of ticks every time I was in vegetation. I also saw my first ever poison-ivy warning sign there…


  3. We must be related. I’ve done the same thing many times. These days we tend to forget how many children died young.


  4. Anything to get the shot…


  5. Love the clouds in the background. Excellent way to show the subject!


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