After the Methodists Left


Maybe you recall my experience with the Rude Canadian, where Ehpem and I were “invited” to leave a parking garage we were photographing?

It’s still pretty clear in my mind, so it made me nervous when I made my first images of this old church and heard someone shouting at me from across a field. Turns out, it was the church’s owner, a very friendly man named Patrick. And he was asking me if I’d like to see the interior of the building, which was a decommissioned Methodist church. Naturally, I said yes, and Patrick showed me all around, told me about their plans for renovation, and their newer plans to sell the place and move back to British Columbia. And – this was the best part! – he let me ring the church bells. That reminded me of the Dorothy Sayers mystery The Nine Tailors (that’s logical, I promise – read the book and you’ll see what I mean) and I hoped no one was up there in the belfry.

After that, I settled down and got on with the business at hand, which was making a few dozen images of Patrick’s church.

near Trout Cove, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

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  1. What a great bit of luck!


  2. Did you know the Methodists have an actual service to de-consecrate a church building? My Dad attended one and said it was a lovely service.

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  3. Nice photo! Good story! I love when I meet friendly people while out shooting photos! 🙂


  4. Great photo! Sad though to see it empty. The pews are so interesting, never seen them like this, a great idea. I am glad the owner didn’t give you the rude treatment. I remember your post on the garage, what have they to hide…


    • Thanks, John. My spouse talked with Patrick while I was shooting, so I didn’t hear the full story on those pews. But I gathered that at some point, the church didn’t have a center aisle, but had two outside ones. Then, a bride-to-be wanted to follow the “new” style of a center aisle, so the old pews were sawed apart and realigned.

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      • Good Lord, that’s a lot of customising for her wedding! It bothers me to see houses of worship let go like this but money talks, right…


      • There’s a chance the story’s been, well, embellished over the years. But the shape of the pews makes me think *something* odd happened to them.

        There seemed to be quite a few abandoned churches in the parts of Nova Scotia that we visited. I made up a short-hand term to describe them oobkirk (for Out Of Business Church). Over the course of our visit, that term saved a lot of conversational time!

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  5. Good thing you are finding some polite Canadians. It’s a shame you had to go so far to do so.

    Nice church shot!


  6. Oh those rowdy Methodists…


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