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A clean sidewalk is essential


(Or at least this guy thinks so.)

Portland, Oregon
photographed 6.10.2015

The once-grande dame


Maybe this used to be a house. A really big house.

But right now, it seems to miss those long-gone glory days.

Junction, Texas
photographed 9.7.2015



I just love a good arrow painted on a brick wall. And I like this one, too.

Platteville, Colorado
photographed 9.26.2015

Entertainment Options


There seem to be a lot of entertainment options here, and you probably share my interest in finding out what Del the Funky Homosapien is all about.

Just before I found these posters, I had an Incident: I tried to go into a bookstore, but the security thing at the entrance went off when I went in. The stoner guy behind the counter asked me to go out and come in again, which of course made the security thing go off two more times. He looked at my (very small) purse, and even through his herbal haze could tell I wasn’t using it to smuggle a book into the place. (Who’d smuggle a book IN, anyway?) Then he spotted the (much larger) camera, and had a Good Idea. He thought maybe I could just leave my camera with him while I looked around the store. I countered with a Better Idea: that my camera, my purse, and I just go ahead and leave. Which made the security thing go off one more time…

Boulder, Colorado
photographed 9.25.2015

It’s been a good year

There are a lot of days where I work harder on photography than I do at my real job. There are some days when it seems silly and self-indulgent to spend so much time on making photographs, but there are other days (most of them, really) where I feel confident that I’ve found my niche.

There are days when other people seem to like what I do; it happens a lot here on the blog, where I’ve got a good community of other photographers that are supportive of what we are all trying, in our own fashion, to accomplish.

And then there are days when I get good news, that one of my images has been selected into a show. This year has been outstanding in that regard.

Artists of Texas – Rural Texas show
I got three images into this online show, and one of them was accepted into the top 25. All of these pictures were made in or near Spur, Texas, which is one of my favorite towns. The juror was Dion McInnis.

Red Mud Cemetery (top 25)


The Last Rotary

You can see this show here.

White on White – Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts
This show, the first-ever jurored show at Lubbock’s premiere fine arts center, was open to art of all types. I wasn’t sure how well photographs would compare with other art, but I actually have a small collection of white-on-white images, so I thought I’d give it a try. My image “A Certain Charm” was accepted into this show, which will be up from December 4 through January 23. The juror was Glenn Downing.

A Certain Charm 16X20 POLAR MATT
Davis Mountains State Park, Texas

High and Dry XV – Texas Tech University
This is my favorite show – it was the first one I ever got accepted into, back in 2010. This year, juror Miguel Gandert accepted my image “Sad Trailer;” this show will run from November 23 through January 15 at the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech.

Valentine, Texas


But here’s the thing: I know with absolute certainty that I couldn’t be having this kind of experience getting into shows without my blog followers, and the friends I’ve made here. So, my greatest thanks to each of you.

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