Daytime Farolitos


The Christmas Eve tradition in Santa Fe is to walk Canyon Road, which is decorated with farolitos (“little lanterns” – paper bags with candles inside), bonfires, wandering carolers, and lots and lots of people. And the whole thing was scented with the smoke from the piñon fires.

On Christmas afternoon, we went back to Canyon Road. The magic of the night before was gone, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t things to photograph!

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 12.25.2015

You were wondering what the farolitos looked like, maybe? Here’s an iPhone image of some of them:

But this is NOTHING – check out these images from Victoria, BC, courtesy of my friend Ehpem.

UPDATE: This is funny – I had a comment from a follower who was reminded of the Paper, Rock Scissors game when he saw the photo of the farolitos. Check out the photo below of a sculpture I found only a couple of blocks away:



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  1. Love the angle with the contrast of paper and rock textures. Anyone for a game of Paper,Rock,Scissors ?


  2. Belated thanks for the mention Melinda! I think I have been following your images more on FB and Twitter of late than on the blog. For no good or real reason, just happened.
    I like the second shot with the geometric rectangular (of course) patterns in the background. So different from the photos of mine you linked to where the lights are arranged by curving tidal edges.


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