By dusk’s pastel light


You know how sometimes the best part of the sunset isn’t on the western sky? This view, looking southeast, shows an abandoned drive-in – and an interesting fence – lit in the glow of the pink light from a waning day.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 1.23.2016

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  1. How many times have I NOT looked behind me and missed a good shot like this one. Not telling or even know. I see bricks!

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  2. I like the way the pink flush of the day’s farewell adds a little warmth to the dereliction of the abandoned buildings.


    • They do look a lot better in this light than in the harsh light of day, that’s for sure! I am fond of the way that something behind me is reflecting a little patch of brighter light on the far wall. I don’t know what could have been doing that…more exploration is required.

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  3. I was feeling the same about sunsets lately! Nice shot!


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