The Interim Fence


It’s easy to fall into the rhythm of the straight roads on the Plains. Fences flash by, post-wire-post-wire-post, in the endless pattern of ranch land.

Until the rhythm is broken by a flash that’s not quite right in a way that makes a photographer seek a place to turn around.

FM 7300
Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 1.31.2016

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  1. A very true observation, it’s often the subliminal flash of a small detail that registers most, that catching of the eye when a rhythm is broken. Its an unconscious reaction that works without explanation.


  2. Mouldable glue would be really good here. 🙂 Nice one.


  3. It’s strangely satisfying to find that break in the rhythm. I like symmetry too, but finding the odd one out is cool too. My wife sometimes shakes her head in bewilderment but I pretend not to see that!


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