Burritos at the Little Ranch


I’ve never eaten here, but it looks like the sort of place that has really good burritos. And also the outdoor seating is quite nice.

But the best part is the way the paint has faded on the plywood sign, revealing the wood grain underneath.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.31.2016

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  1. More good Americana. The support post were done in an interesting way. Is the table fastened to the one post ?


    • Those posts ARE particularly nice. And I think the table is chained down. Over on my Facebook page, there have been a lot of comments how on good the burritos are at this place, so I’m going there this weekend – to verify the reports, you know – and will check on the table situation while I’m there.


  2. Ahh the simple life… ahh the picknic table chained up because someone with an even simpler life may take it away in the dark of the moon.

    And this is the shortest story I have ever written, Melinda… your photos are so inspiring … v.


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